We participated in the FIRST Vex Challenge in Atlanta, April 21st & 22nd.

We participated in the FIRST Vex Scrimmage at WPI on Saturday, April 9th.

Our teams met every Sunday and Tuesday from 6:00 - 8:00pm during the season, to further our responses to the FIRST Vex Challenge.  Additionally, sub-groups met informally and independently to work on their designs.

We started our process in late March, with hands-on familiarization of the Vex kit to make sure that the capabilities of the system were known to all. Everyone got a chance to help build a "squarebot".  The Vex Challenge was discussed broadly, absorbed in printed copies, and then dissected in detail.  Brainstorming has been an ongoing process, as ideas panned out and were included or modified, or updated with new ideas.

The continuing build cycle hit a high pitch in early April, with chassis designs still being modified, and manipulator designs heavily in flux.  Mid-April saw manipulators finalized, and practice sessions, leading to our trip to Atlanta to participate in the first FIRST Vex Challenge!

"Johnny" - the FVC team 13 (Unlimited) robot designs

"Lassie the Chassis" - the FVC team 44 (AngelBots) robot designs

The teams worked as a unified group as much as possible, and accomplished much in a very short period of time.


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