The Angelbots team (FVC 44) has a illustrious record as a veteran FLL team, and participated in the FVC spring 2005 demonstration in Atlanta.  In the fall 2005 season, members have mentored Sharon FLL teams and helped with FVC promotion at the Blackstone FLL tournament.  The team participated successfully in the WPI "Savage Soccer" competition on December 3rd.

The AngelBots had a great day at the Hartford FVC "NERVE" competition, making it to the semi-finals with the Unlimited FVC 13 team and the Canadian Block Robotics Learning team.  The AngelBots were awarded the FVC "Think" award for their creative approach to problem solving!

The AngelBots participated in the FVC 2006 competition in Atlanta, qualifying 19th overall (8th in autonomous).  They were chosen as part of the 3rd-seeded alliance, and progressed to the semi-finals!

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AngelBots team, along with two members of the Unlimited team (right upper & lower).

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