Sharon teams take top awards at the 2006 FVC competitions!

Massachusetts - Sharon's Angelbots and Team Unlimited both had a very successful (as well as fun) day at the 2006 MA FVC competition at Quinsigamond Community College.  After a great run through the qualifying rounds (Team Unlimited seeded 1st, Angelbots seeded 8th), Team Unlimited (2013) formed the 1st alliance with the top-notch rookie team roboNatick (3456), and the Angelbots (2044) formed the 5th alliance with the always great Rosie's Little Sis (839).  The Angelbots & Rosie' Little Sis advanced to the quarter-finals, while Team Unlimited and RoboNatick were able to defeat the formidable Team Paragon/Chaos Control alliance to win the field and an invitation to Atlanta for the international competition in April!  So Team Unlimited took home a first-place alliance award.

In the judged awards, the Angelbots received the FVC Think award for their skillful and  powerful description of the journey in meeting the challenge, through the medium of their engineering notebook.  Team Unlimited was honored with the FVC Inspire award, in recognition of their overall high performance and exemplification of the First Vex Challenge.

Connecticut - Sharon's Myotonics and Team Unlimited had very rewarding experiences at the 2006 CT FVC competition at the University of Hartford.  After a rocky start due to field control problems, the Myotonics seeded second and Team Unlimited seeded fifth.  First seeded Checkmate (FVC 40) formed the first alliance with the Myotonics (FVC 2078) and (FVC 3197), and 3rd seeded Team Impulse (FVC 2160) formed the second alliance with Team Unlimited (FVC 2013) and Rosie's Little Sis (FVC 839).  The two alliances met in the finals, and after 3 tense matches, FVC 40/2078/3197 were victorious!  It was awesome to be reunited with so many old friends from previous seasons, and the Myotonics will be joining Team Unlimited in Atlanta!  We look forward to seeing the Trinity and Rising Tide teams in Atlanta as well!  So the Myotonics took home a first-place alliance award, and Team Unlimited took home a runner-up alliance award.

In the judged awards, Team Unlimited received the FVC Innovate award, in recognition of the creative and innovative approach taken to their design, especially their new gear-shifting design.

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