Doonesbury, 1-29-07

Regreting the AI chip

Doonesbury, 1-30-07


Doonesbury, 1-31-07


Doonesbury, 2-01-07


Doonesbury, 2-02-07


Doonesbury, 2-03-07


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Pre-competition: The MIT 6.270 robotics course final competition will be held in lecture hall 26-100 (Compton Labs) on Thursday, February 1st 2007, starting at 6:00pm and running until a winner is declared.  The event will also be simulcast using RealPlayer.

This MIT annual course is most notable to members of the SYRA in that all the structural components of the robots are LEGOs!  This year's theme is: "Snakes on a Plane".

Also, this weeks Doonesbury strips have featured Mike Doonesbury's daughter Alex involved in the 6.270 course, and competing with a very uncooperative robot!

6.270 course information

MIT map, centered on Compton Labs

MIT Room 26-100

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