FVC Team 2078: The Sharon Myotonics

Update for 2006-2007 season:

The Sharon Myotonic team has had great success in the Fall of 2006, achieving the Winning Alliance Award at the Connecticut FVC Championship.  The Myotonics are headed for Atlanta for the World Championship!

The Connecticut Championship info and photos are linked here!

The Team consists of Chloe, Jeff, Justin, Maddie, Mike and Steven.  Each member brings his or her special talents to the group, but all contribute to every aspect of the challenge: design, construction, programming and operation. The coaches are Josh and Suphat.

Back (L to R): Suphat, Josh, Mike, Jeff

Front: Justin, Maddie, Chloe, Steven




The Name  Myotonia is a condition of muscle spasms or muscular rigidity, in response to stress.  According to Wikipedia, the Myotonic Goat, or fainting goat, is “a breed of domestic goat whose external muscles freeze for roughly ten seconds when the goat is startled”.  Observers speculate that this curious behavior may be an adaptation designed to momentarily confuse predators, thus giving the goat a chance to elude capture.  Like our namesake, the Sharon Myotonics have evolved imaginative strategies for survival on the field of play.  If you choose to come after us during competition, be prepared for the unexpected!




The Legend  The Myotonics were an integral part of Sharon’s tour de force performance in the 2005-2006 season.  At WPI Savage Soccer, the team finished in the second place alliance and took first place for autonomous. At the Hartford Regional NERVE tournament, the Myotonics finished in the first place alliance and took first place for autonomous.  In the world championships in Atlanta, the team finished in the second place alliance, and again took first place for autonomous.  We have high hopes for the 2006-2007 season, but we respect our competitors and take nothing for granted.


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Sharon FVC inter-team meeting

WPI FVC scrimmage

WPI "Savage Soccer" competition

Myotonics competing

WPI "Savage Soccer" competition

Myotonics ready to run

WPI "Savage Soccer" competition

Robots poised to start

WPI "Savage Soccer" competition

Myotonic robot in action

WPI "Savage Soccer" competition

Myotonic awards

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