To all FVC Teams,

As of 12:00 PM EST, we would like to formally announce a very limited open registration for the FIRST Vex Challenge World Championship Event on April 12-14, 2007. While there are only a few spots available, we will be accepting a wait list of 20 teams should a spot open for your team.

We currently have had an overwhelmingly positive response from invited teams from our FVC Championship Tournaments, so we apologize for the lack of spots available. Please read this email thoroughly to make sure you are prepared.

***PLEASE read below for payment information.***

- Your spot in the open registration or on the wait list will not be guaranteed until payment is verified by FIRST.***

- You will need to register with our Finance Dept. over the phone at (800) 871-8326 x450. Please be patient.

- If you are a team that is accepted by open registration or put onto our wait list, we must have your Team Application sent to [] by Friday, 3/16 by 5:00 pm EST. This document is not a guarantee of payment, but instead serves as your placeholder and implies intent to compete at the World Championship. Please see the attachment for more information.

***For payment, please read the following options:

- You can call our Finance Dept. at (800) 871-8326 x450 to immediately pay over the phone by credit card.

- You can fax a copy of a check, PO, or letter of commitment from a sponsoring company, and we will accept it and hold your spot. You can fax this to (603) 647-5772 to be received by our Finance Dept.

- If you are on our wait list, you can do either of the previous items for us to hold your spot. We will not cash checks nor charge your credit card until a spot has opened for your team.

We do apologize for the limited spaces available to teams. We still have approx. 5 tournaments which will qualify teams to attend the World Championship, and will not know if we have more available spots for our wait list until the winners from these tournaments have been verified.

Thank you for your patience, and your overwhelming support of the FIRST Vex Challenge!

- FVC Team Support


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