Justin & Mike with a Squarebot

Chassis brainstorming

Patrick with a Squarebot inspired modification for a 6 wheel chassis

Meeting arrival

Kim with her kit

Meeting arrival

Benjamin & David with their Squarebot

Meeting arrival

Josh with his notes

At the table

Mike sorting it out

On the floor

Patrick & Omer trying a new geartrain

Time to head home

Kim and family

Working session

Refining the chassis

Squarebot exploring

Kim & Michelle

Helping Squarebot explore

Patrick & Rebecca

Working on prototype chassis

Omer & Patrick

Working on the ramp

AngelBot chassis

Testing it past the fixed goal


Working on a hanging arm for the four wheel chassis

Working group

Does it measure up?

Kim, Rebecca & Michelle

With their new plow

Packing to go to Atlanta!

Mike is ready!

Packing to go to Atlanta!

All present and accounted for!

Packing to go to Atlanta!

Repair kit

Packing to go to Atlanta!

Details, details . . .

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