The NERVE (New England Regional Vex Event) competition was a great success!  The new Hartford Convention Center is a beautiful new facility, with room for significant expansion of the FRC and FVC competitions.

The volunteers did a fantastic job!  Ken Stafford and his crew from WPI performed their usual miracles, aided by many others from the NERVE planning committee - an especial thanks to Kathy Kentfield of NEMO (the Non-Engineering Mentors Organization), who worked tirelessly toward the success of the event. even though she was ill.

Congratulations to the winning alliance - Teams 160 (Impulse), 78 (Sharon Myotonics) and Gompei Avengers (43)!

NERVE in photos, from the viewpoint of the Sharon Unlimited team

Thursday evening tour    Friday setup & practice    Friday ranking rounds

Friday finals & awards     Saturday tour

Many activities were going on simultaneously - much more than a three-ring circus!  Of course, the FRC "Aim High!" UTC/Hartford Regional was in the center ring, with the FVC "NERVE" competition to one side. The TechnoTicks team sponsored a high-tech art show - ROBOmix 2006.  Intelitek had a help-desk to assist with autonomous coding, and were showing 1/3 scale FRC robots made from Vex components (mostly).  On Saturday, local FLL teams were demonstrating this season's "Ocean Odyssey" challenge, and Trinity College was demonstrating their fire-fighting robot competition (to be held April 8-9).

Our Sharon teams did very well, all reaching the quarter-finals, with the Myotonics team part of the winning alliance.  All will be headed to the Atlanta FIRST Vex Challenge competition!

After the morning competition, the Sharon AngelBots (44) were in tenth place overall, seventh place in autonomous performance and nineteenth place under operator control.  They joined an alliance with the Unlimited team (13) and the Block Robotics Learning team (175) from Canada.  The alliance finished in the semi-finals, with the Sharon AngelBots team also winning the FIRST Vex Think award for their creative approach to problem solving.

After the morning competition, the Sharon Myotonics team were in second place overall, first place in autonomous performance and third place under operator control.  They joined an alliance with the first place Impulse (160) team and the 16th place Gompei Avengers team.  The alliance won the competition and the FIRST Vex Winning Alliance award.  The Myotonics also won the FIRST Vex Connect award for their top autonomous score.

After the morning competition, the Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited team were in fifth place overall, fifth place in autonomous performance and eleventh place under operator control.  They formed an alliance with the AngelBots (44) and the Block Robotics Learning team (175) from Canada.  The alliance finished in the semi-finals, with the Unlimited team a finalist for the FIRST Vex Create award for their robust robot design.

UTC FIRST Regional competition - March 9th-11th @ Hartford CT Convention Ctr

The New England Regional Vex Event (NERVE) FVC competition will be held on Friday March 10th (change of date from Thursday, March 9th) as part of the UTC FIRST Regional.

The FVC competition director is Ken Stafford of WPI.  Please plan to attend the NERVE scrimmage at WPI on February 25th!

Every FVC team member and mentor needs to submit a consent and release form.

Box lunches may be offered - more to follow.

A joint FRC-FVC team social is to be scheduled - more to follow.

An FVC scrimmage may be held on Thursday evening before the tournament - more to follow.

The use of easyC 2.0 (and proper tournament template) is mandatory!  Intelitek will have a help desk at the tournament.

All autonomous rounds will be run first, to minimize field resetting.

Current schedule:

7:00 Arrive & check-in at lobby (get wristbands)
7:30  Doors open (NERVE teams only), setup
8:00-10:00 Practice match sign-ups on field, robot inspection, and judging
10:00-10:15 Drivers meeting
10:15-10:30 Opening Ceremony
10:30-12:00 Qualification rounds
12:00-12:30 Lunch break
12:30-2:00 Qualification rounds
2:00-2:15 Break
2:15-2:45 Alliance selection
2:45-3:00 Break
3:00-4:30 Finals rounds
4:30-5:30 Awards and closing ceremony
6:00 Venue closes

New England Regional Vex Event (NERVE) website

UTC New England Regional website

Hartford Convention Center website

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Parking map .pdf

Star Route shuttle map .pdf  and .jpg (.pdf didn't print properly for us)

Directions from Sharon to Hartford:

Interstate 95 South to Interstate 295 South

US Route 6 to Interstate 384 West (44 works as well, more scenic but hard to pass)

Interstate 384 West to Interstate 84 West

Take "Downtown Hartford" exit (left lane) onto Founders Bridge

Turn left onto Columbus Blvd at end of bridge

CTCC (Connecticut Convention Center) garage will be on your left


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