For the fall 2006 season, we re-registered our team as FVC 2013 (Team Unlimited).  We have added a new member to our team (Nick), and been rejoined by one of our founding group (Alex).

This is a triskaidekaphilic zone - we like the number 13!

Team Unlimited: Alex, Omer, Nick, Benjamin and Patrick

While we prepared to compete in the 2007 FIRST Vex Challenge, we mentored the SYRA FLL teams; orienting and supporting new teams, helping to run weekly meetings,  and acting as referees in table competition.  We prepped a challenge set and training/orientation materials for new teams, and have loaned starter sets to several teams.  We have expanded from the five FLL teams fielded last season to seven this season, plus an affiliated team from a Foxboro/Mansfield charter school.  We organized and ran a small FLL competition, the First Annual Sharon FLL Invitational, for just our eight teams, to help prepare them for the state tournaments.

Our new version of "The 13th Warrior" has been designed to me the 2006-7 FVC "Hangin'-A-Round" challenge.  It is designed to gather up to 4 balls at a time, and score either the high or low goals.  It can park, but not hang from the bar (too heavy, motors used elsewhere).  Our new 2-speed shifting design allows for torque vs. speed trade-offs in competition.

We competed at the Massachusetts FVC Championship, and formed the first-seeded alliance (with roboNatick) that finished in first place.  We shared the Winning Alliance Award, and received the Inspire Award for our overall merit.

We competed at the Connecticut FVC Championship, and were chosen for the second-seeded alliance (with Team Impulse and Rosie's Lil Sis), finishing in second place.  We shared the Runner-up Alliance Award, and received the Innovate Award for our robotic design efforts.

We will be at the FIRST Championships in Atlanta in April, looking forward to our fourth consecutive international competition!

Fall 2006 Robotics

Our team met informally during the summer months, working on various team projects and a few field trips.  Our main undertakings have been design of a new two-speed chassis, and an FVC orientation document.

Summer 2006 Robotics

The spring 2006 season was focused on the FVC "Half-Pipe Hustle" challenge competitions.

We participated in the WPI FVC scrimmage in February.

We competed at the Hartford/UTC NERVE FVC regional in March.

We had a great time at the Atlanta FVC championship in April.

Spring 2006 FVC season photos

For the 2005 Fall season, we re-registered our team as FVC 013 (Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited).  We met with the SYRA as a whole every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm in the Sharon Public Library, from September 6th through December, in support of the FLL teams.

We organized an FLL Mentor Team among the FLL graduates in the SYRA, to extend the FLL mentoring activities this fall season.  We have done coach and team orientation, training, and ongoing support.  Fall FLL Mentoring

We designed a robotic soccer game, and promoted Vex and FVC at the three Massachusetts FLL tournaments in fall 2005. Fall FVC Promotion

Of course, we worked with the Vex equipment throughout the fall, prototyping for the competition and our projects.  FVC Prototyping

Our team met informally during the summer months, working on various team projects and a few field trips.  We planned to promote the new FIRST Vex program at the Massachusetts FLL tournaments this fall, and demonstrate the kit using remote control soccer bots.

Summer 2005 Robotics

We met every Sunday and Tuesday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm during the short 2005 spring season, to further our responses to the FIRST Vex Challenge.  Additionally, sub-groups met informally (at there own initiative) to work on their designs.  This fall we continue to meet on Sundays, and informally as well.

FIRST Vex Challenge in Atlanta, April 21st & 22nd.

FIRST Vex Scrimmage at WPI on Saturday, April 9th.


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