The Game in the Spring 2005 FIRST Vex Challenge

The FIRST Vex Challenge was released to the participating teams on March 22nd, and is fully remotely controlled, as the coding environment for the Vex Robotic Development System is not yet finished.  The Challenge will play out over two days (April 21st & 22nd) in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome, along with the FRC & FLL international competitions.

The game requires Vex robots to collect and pass 4" balls to the Ball Tray, for the Human Players to shoot into fixed and moveable goals.  There are three 10" balls on the playing field that can be placed on top of any goal by a robot, which will double the point value of the balls in that goal.  Also, the robots can try to "hang" from a horizontal bar.

The game is derived and modified for the scale of Vex robots from the FRC 2004 challenge: FIRST Frenzy - Raising the Bar.

The ball point value in goals and the number of robots hanging from the bar determines the score of each alliance for the round.

Each 2-minute match will have both a red and a blue two-team alliance playing from opposite ends of an eight foot wide by 16 foot long field.  Each team has two drivers and one human player to shoot balls into the goals.  In the center of the field is a double-ended ramp with a 29" horizontal bar supported over a 4" platform.  At the end of each ramp is a fixed goal.  A moveable goal starts at both sides of the center platform.

At the beginning of the match, each alliance has 30 seconds to remove each of their bonus balls from their tees.  Removing both will release all the balls from the Ball Tray onto the field, which will happen regardless at the 30 second mark.  Once these balls are in play, the robots can deliver them into the Ball Corrals, for the human players to shoot into the fixed and moveable goals.  The robots can also try to hang from the metal bar.

Scoring for Robots: At the end of the 2-minute match, any robot that is hanging from the center bar scores 20 points.

Scoring for Balls: The ball score is obtained by adding 5 points for each regular ball and 10 points for each bonus ball in a goal, and double this score if the goal is "capped" by a large 10" ball.

Adding together all of the scores for an alliance's goals, plus the score for robots hanging, minus any penalties, gives the total score for that alliance, and the higher alliance total decides the winner for that round.

Vex Challenge Field

2D labeled diagram, from FIRST docs

Vex Challenge Field

3D diagram, from FIRST docs

Vex Alliance Station

Looking head-on, from FIRST docs

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