Fortunately, the snowstorm from Friday evening was mostly cleared by Saturday morning (February 23rd), and the teams traveled safely with the 90 minute delay.  FIRST Affiliate Partner Kathy Kentfield and her awesome crew of volunteers did a superb job of putting on an awesome FTC event in the face of this extra challenge!

Team Unlimited was seeded fourth after the qualifying rounds, and was chosen by our CT alliance captain from last season, Team Impulse (FTC 60), along with Pope John Robotics (FTC 247). We progressed through the first round, but our alliance was eliminated in the semi-finals.  We were proud to be the recipients of the Think Award!  See our collection of more than 300 photos below on this page.

The Connecticut FIRST FTC website is at

Elimination rounds - quarterfinals, semifinals, finals

#1 seed, teams 4,175,662 2Wins, 1Tie
#8 seed, teams 785,622,577 1Tie

#4 seed, teams 285,144,10 2Wins
#5 seed, teams 581,370,572 1Win

#2 seed, teams 60,1,247 2Wins
#7 seed, teams 273,80,624 1Win

#3 seed, teams 40,130,73 0Wins
#6 seed, teams 655,6,381 2Wins

#1 seed, teams 4,175,662 2Wins
#4 seed, teams 285,144,10 1Win

#2 seed, teams 60,1,247 1Win
#6 seed, teams 655,6,381 2Wins

#1 seed, teams 4,175,662 2Wins
#6 seed, teams 655,6,381 1Win

#1 seed, teams 4,175,662

The Connecticut FTC Championship awards went to:

FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Tournament Volunteer of the Year: Mike Betts
Amaze Award: Team 97 MURT,
Mansfield CT
Motivate Award: Team 40, Peligon,
Windsor CT
Innovate Award: Team 175, Checkmate,
Manchester NH
Think Award: Team 1, Unlimited,
Sharon MA
Connect Award: Team 6, Driven Nuts,
Broomall PA
The Finalist Alliance: Team 655, Rhode Rage,
Middletown, RI; Team 6, Driven Nuts, Broomall PA; Team 381, Rosie's Lil Sis, Agawam MA
The Winning Alliance: Team 4, Driven Bolts,
Brick, NJ; Team 175, Checkmate, Manchester NH; 662, Brooklyn Mustangs, Brooklyn NY
The Inspire Award: Team 4, Driven Bolts,
Brick NJ


The Connecticut FIRST FTC website is at

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